Introducing the New Revolutionary Hauser “Revo Roller”

The New Hauser Revo Roller revolutionizes swath rolling and transport!

Our all steel drum swath roller has been contouring and tucking the edges of canola swaths across Western Canada for over 10 years.

Why settle for a plastic drum when you can have a quality and fully steel manufactured drum that is time tested. Couple this great feature with a heavy duty 16″ wheel caster frame offering fully casting 15″ ag rim tire with tubes and you have a gauging accuracy in swath rolling never seen before our “Revo Roller”. The Revo Roller hugs and mimics every move your swather makes so backing up is no problem! We like to call it “set it and forget it” technology. Once coupled to your existing swath roller axle with our universal fit hitch system, one person is easily able to transport, attach and roll crop without worry.


  • Easy height adjustment (flatbar with adjustable increments)
  • Easy, universal mounts that fits all self-propelled units
  • Heavy duty hollow structural frame and steel drum
  • 15″ Ag rib castor wheels for accurate gauging
  • Reduced transportation width with adjustable hitch for 1/2 ton or swather pull
  • “Set it and forget it” peace of mind.  Set the height of the drum once and know that your swath roller height is being accurately maintained.

Transport Mode – Made Easier Than Ever:

  • Swath roller unit converts to transport mode for worry-free highway and grid road transportation.
  • 3rd wheel required for easy one person hookup to swather and for transport of the unit between field or highway.

Comparison Sheet

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