Hauser’s Machinery Ltd. is a family owned¬†and operated business spanning three generations.¬†Following a total loss fire in1967, Hauser’s continued to believe in the viability of a business in the community of Melville, Saskatchewan and rebuilt at their present location on Highway #15 West.

Through the years, small expansions were made to meet the growing demand for space and in 1997, Hauser’s doubled their production plant to 8,600 sq. ft. to accommodate a new heavy duty highway truck and trailer service centre and expanded manufacturing and custom fabrication facilities.

Originating with the manufacture of one of the first P.T.O. driven grain loaders to stone pickers and harrow drawbars to, most recently, the original “Hauser 2 Trailers in 1”, their past experience has provided the foundation for the company to build upon many successful agricultural and industrial products and equipment.

Existing market area includes Western Canada and North Central U.S.A.

The marketing strategy employed by Hauser’s Machinery Ltd. is to preserve a factory direct sales approach complemented by a strategically located dealer network to maintain their competitive pricing and high level of direct customer service.

Hauser’s Machinery Ltd. is a progressive and competitive company that has demonstrated its strength and stability throughout the years by maintaining high standards in all job aspects, qualified staff and 73 years of long standing service commitment to their customers.